Seven years ago, we brought our family tradition and professional experience together and took the decision to start our own farming project in Sicily inspired by our origins and with the ultimate goal of creating something really contemporary.


Miceli & Sensat, founded by Paolo Miceli and Sergio Sensat, can trace its passion and ties with olive oil back several generations. 

More than six generations of Paolo’s family have been growing olives and grain on its land in Sicily and, until the 1990s, in Tuscany.

Sergio Sensat belongs to one of Spain’s long-established olive oil producing families. He is a direct descendant of Gerardo Sensat, the founder of the Sensat family business in the mid-19th century.


Seven years ago, we brought our family tradition and professional experience together and took the decision to start our own farming project in Sicily inspired by our origins and with the ultimate goal of creating something really contemporary.

We bought land on a farm belonging to Paolo’s family in the extraordinarily beautiful countryside of the province of Palermo. Our dream was to produce some of the best Sicilian organically farmed extra virgin olive oils.

We are driven by the passion, engagement and faith in our project. We amalgamate experience, tradition and innovation with a deep respect for the land of Sicily knowing full well that we are its guests and where we want to leave a mark that will contribute to improve it in the future.


Our organic olive grove covers 115 hectares. A piece of land with 46,000 olive trees of five varieties, three native (Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla and Cerasuola) and two non-native (Picual and Arbequina), all grafted to Sicilian wild olive trees, which goes against the current trend of planting cloned olive trees and back to the traditional method. In addition, we farm old Sicilian wheat varieties on 100 hectares with the aim of contributing to their revival.

Awards 2023

Miceli & Sensat is today probably the most avant-garde organic olive estate in Sicily. Since its first year of production it placed high in international contests and became one of the most surprising new entries.

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Leone d’Oro 2023

U’Ciuri. Miglior Biologico d’Italia 2023

Ercole Olivario 2023

U’Ciuri. Premio speciale miglior olio biologico.

Gambero Rosso 2023

Verde. Best New Entry 2023

Gambero Rosso 2023

Verde. Tre Foglie

Gambero Rosso 2023

U’Ciuri. Due Foglie 2023
Delicato. Due Foglie 2023

Olive Japan Premier 2023

U’Ciuri. Premier 2023

Olive Japan Gold 2023

Verde. Gold 2023
Delicato. Gold 2023

Atenas Double Gold 2023

Delicato. Double Gold Medal.

Atenas Gold 2023

U’Ciuri. Gold Medal.

Atenas Silver 2023

Verde. Silver Medal.

Merum 2023 ♥♥

U’Ciuri. Merum Extra Vergine Sicilia IGP BIO. Two Hearts.


Verde. Merum Extra Vergine BIO, Merum Box. Two Hearts.

Merum 2023 ♥

Delicato. Merum Extra Vergine 2023. One Heart

Oviveja Secondo Premio 2023

U’Ciuri. Categoria fruttato medio.

Lodo Guide 2023

U’Ciuri. Best IGP 2023

Il Magnifico 2023

U’Ciuri. Best Italia Insular Finalista il Magnifico 2023. Tre Stelle.

Il Magnifico 2023

Delicato. Due Stelle.
Verde. Due Stelle.

Monocultivar 2023

U’Ciuri. Best Bio of the world.
U’Ciuri. Best packaging of the world.
Delicato. Best drip of the world.

Evooleum Top 100 2023

U’Ciuri. Best of each Variety Nocellara del Belice

AIRO 2023

Verde. Best of Italy categoria Armonia 2023.

AIRO 2023

Verde. Best Of Sicily.

NYIOOC World Olive Oil, Gold, 2023

U’Ciuri. Gold Award.
Delicato. Gold Award.

Goccia d’Oro 2023

U’Ciuri. Categoria monovarietale finalista.

IOOA Best of World 2023

Verde. Best of World 2023

IOOA Best in Class 2023

U’Ciuri. Best in Class 2023

The rich water reserves from the lakes on our farm made it possible to contend with last summer’s high temperatures and reap a harvest of extraordinary characteristics. 


U’CIURI is the result of the selection that we make every year from among our oils. This year’s blend was obtained from the Nocellara del Belice olive variety farmed in fields at different altitudes above sea level and picked over the first ten days of October using the “brucatura” method in order to ensure that the olives reach the oil mill in a perfect state. 


This is a unique blend of different varieties of our olives. Very delicate and balanced. The olives harvested using only machines reach our oil mill ground just a few hours after they are picked. The extraction cycle is carried out by milling them using blades that helps highlight the olives’ organoleptic properties. The temperature during the extraction process never exceeds 20-22 degrees and centrifugal separation is kept down to ten minutes at most. As a result, we are able to obtain extra virgin olive oils rich in aromas and flavours that thanks to the storage conditions discussed above last a long time.


“Verde” (Green) is characterised by its fresh, vegetal aromas reminiscent of green almond, lettuce, celery and unripe banana. Notes of cinnamon and a distinct balsamicity of mint stand out. The taste is of medium intensity with a bitterness of chicory and green almonds and a spiciness reminiscent of rocket and green pepper. Elegant and pleasantly persistent.

Our land is in a unique, completely unspoilt enclave of Sicily whose singular feature is that it surrounds the northern part of Lake Garcia. Our lakes and our land's exposure to the south together create the best possible conditions and an ideal habitat for the life of our trees.

A land rich in minerals, as well as its varying altitudes that range from 200 m to 490 m above sea level, enable us to obtain different, richly nuanced, aromatic oils from our farm that in conjunction create our excellent monovarietal olive oils and contribute to creating our extraordinary blend.

The early harvesting of the olives that are almost immediately ground in our modern oil mill ensures that our oils are of the very highest quality standards. Furthermore, in the cold extraction process we use the most innovative technologies and closely monitor temperatures.


Subsequent storage in our cellar where we have stainless-steel tanks in an inert atmosphere created using noble gases and under controlled temperatures ensures that the organoleptic properties of our oils are kept to an optimal level.